Who we are

Credit: Francesco Rastrelli


Made in Italy:

this is something we care about very much.
We are trying to create our products in an ethical way, in small quantities and choosing partners who share our values. We have chosen water printing which does not pollute the environment and have selected a silk produced in Italy.
We look forward to growing with new ideas whilst working to reduce our impact on the planet and our environment.

Our scarves tell stories

We love the idea that a scarf can tell a story or send a message like a postcard, reminding us of a place, a moment or an emotion.

Not a collection

Not a collection but some designs which can be renewed according to our inspirations and which we can reprint according to the wishes of our customers.

The designer

Stéphanie Bouchet-Guillaume

After an adolescence spent between France and Senegal, she continued her studies at the Arts Appliqués Duperré in Paris.
Her training as a costume designer brought her to Italy, first to Venice and then to Rome.
During the early 2000s she returned to France and left her career in the textiles sector to work as the artistic director of a prestigious Paris web agency.
Very quickly, my passion for painting and printing on textiles, kept calling me back and in 2008 I launched my «Ventinove» brand of textile designs.
My creations went back to my roots: my homeland France, unforgettable Africa, and my adopted home Italy. My love for illustrating together with a collection of my discoveries throughout my life are all things that have inspired and nourished my imagination.