The brand

The creative

Stéphanie Bouchet-Guillaume

Behind the colorful world of Editions Ventinove lies a love story, that of Stéphanie Bouchet-Guillaume, for Italy, her adopted country. After spending her teenage years between France and Senegal, Stéphanie continued her studies in Paris at the École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués. Her education led her to leave France and settle in Italy as a costume designer, first in Venice, and then in Rome. She returned to France in the 2000s and temporarily left the textile industry to work as an artistic director at a prestigious Parisian web agency, but she missed Italy. In 2008, she moved to Naples, where she began creating bags and scarves for third-party companies. In 2020, she decided to start her own business and founded Editions Ventinove.

100% Italian production

All stories are made of encounters.

We work with Italian companies and artisans who have believed in the project and allow us to promote Italian craftsmanship, contribute to the preservation of Italian craftsmanship, and the true "made in Italy."

Slow fashion

No collection

Our designs are renewed according to our inspirations.

We also take our time. A design can take several weeks between the first sketch and the first prototype. It starts with a pencil drawing that doesn't follow a "trend" but a "story" that inspires us.

Responsible fashion

Near to us

Collaborating with Italian companies is a crucial step towards sustainability for us. We have established relationships with every supplier and artisan we work with, which provides us with greater transparency in the supply chain, allowing for more precise control over the quality and ethics of production.

Print in small quantities

We print in very small quantities each time.

We have chosen printing partners who use non-polluting water-based ink and have the Ecotex label.

The silk we use is also treated and washed in Italy.


Like any production, no matter how small, there are inevitable losses.

We have chosen to create even more unique products from rejected items.

From our fabrics, sandals, bags, and other unique accessories are crafted, each one unique based on how the fabric is cut.

The Store

Discover Sorrento's boutique.

You can find us in the old square of the city: Piazza Sant'Antonino 10.
The boutique offers all our products, including those you won't find online, such as caftans and unique silk pouches.
Anna and Carmen will take you on a journey through the brand's universe and provide guidance on how to wear each style of scarf.