A design, a story

The designs of EDITIONS VENTINOVE are freely inspired by Italian culture
or what it evokes in us.

The florist

Suddenly we can reach a crossroads where we are offered a moment of poetic beauty! A Flower seller has filled his stall with a thousand colours. When we passed by this morning however, it was empty! In fact he is not there every day and a Monday its his corner...
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The harbour

The harbor, sunrise, a hive of industry. The fishermen clean out their boats and mend their nets. The docks are teeming with people coming and going. All this bustle underneath the seagulls cries…


Sorrento marquetry

Sorrento marquetry: Wood becomes a canvas on which landscapes, floral patterns, and intricate geometric designs come to life. These detailed craftworks capture the essence of Sorrento.


On the beach

Salty scents and vivid colors,
Colorful umbrellas and joyful voices,
Ice creams enjoyed among friends,
Summer at the beach, memories are made.


Ex voto

“Ex-voto” means, literally trans- lated from Latin: “following a vote”.They are actually offerings of all kinds, mainly in the form of engraved plaques that may bear the name of a thanksgiving, or silver representations of certain parts of the body...


The bird cage

In the cage, once, dreams of flight were closed,
Now free, the birds in the sky play. Their wings touch the azure, boundless